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Thursday, September 1, 2016

"I WANT MONEY," is not the Right Message to Send to an Insurance Company.


The Statute of Limitations for filing suit in a personal injury case in Florida is 4 Years.  However, in the same state, here in Florida, there is a 14 DAY limit to wait, to begin treatment, after a car accident.

Think about this for a second, please.  You will see the point I am trying to make.   WHY?  Why would you first seek an attorney before a doctor?  You are injured, RIGHT?

Do you know what kind of a message that this sends to an insurance company?

PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!   You have 4 WHOLE YEARS to get the paperwork in with an attorney and file against an insurance company. This is 4 years!  The law is very clear on this topic.

And, it's very clear on this also:  You only have 14 DAYS to get under care for an auto accident in Florida.  ONLY 14 days.  And, it goes by very quick.  Injured car accident patients SHOULD seek treatment right away.  And, when you seek treatment right away, you send an entirely different message to the insurance company.

The message that you send when you seek treatment first, is "I am injured."
The message that you send when you seek an attorney first, is "I want Money."

I have been treating car accident patients for 20+ years.  I know the rules and the laws, and have a lot of experience with this.  You can contact me and I will personally explain this to you, or better yet, call me and set up your appointment.

Alan Himmel, DC PA
954-659-8600--Call me directly.

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