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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Florida Governor Race. Scott Wins. Keep your eye on PIP.

Florida Governor Race.  Scott Wins.  Keep your eye on PIP.

Dr. Alan Himmel

Well, not much to say about the results of the Florida Governor race. For the sake of Florida drivers and doctors who treat accident patients, lets hope that we have another four years of PIP.

The fact that Rick Scott was the former CEO of a gigantic hospital company may be of benefit.  He likely still has ties to that company, whether it be his buddies who are in favor of first party PIP coverage for accident victims, or he still has his hands directly in the pot; he most likely is not in favor of a total elimination of PIP.

It just bothers me that a man who plead the 5th in an investigation of his company, can still be the governor of a state.  If a person is put on the stand and pleads the 5th, it simply tells you they are hiding information which will be incriminating.  Note the breakdown of the word inCRIMINating.

Ok, so he is a crook and got away with it.  He is not the first person to commit crimes and get away with it and he wont be the last.  But, become governor twice after this?  Amazing, but I wish I could say I am surprised.