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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Changes to the Florida PIP law have worked to stop fraud: True or False?

The Changes to the Florida PIP law have worked to stop fraud:  True or False?

Dr. Alan Himmel

The articles are beginning to come out stating that the changes in the PIP laws that occurred in 2012 have decreased the rate of fraud, and costs to insurance companies, and ultimately to consumers.  This is a good thing if its true.  It may be that the decreases in payouts are due to the $2500 insurance cut off, or the 14 day rule, which states that you better get to a doctor within 14 days or you get $0.00 in coverage.  It may also be due to the fact that now, there is no coverage for acupuncture or massage, two effective, safe, alternatives to medications and surgery.

As a practitioner who sees accident patients in FL, doctors now have two less options to offer patients when they are suffering from painful injuries from automobile trauma.  Plus, patients have to get better with 75% less insurance coverage than they had in the past, since not all patients will have an "emergency medical condition"  (EMC) which is supposed to allow the patient to have their full benefit.

So, I ask you:  What do you think is the true reason that insurance companies are reporting savings?   Could the answer be that there is now more opportunity for the insurance carriers to deny coverage, since the payouts are capped now in many cases?  Or, could it be true that the savings is due to less fraud?   I would be one of the first to start celebrating if I was sure that the savings to insurance companies was about the reduction in crime, but I am not 100% sure about that one.

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