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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Florida PIP No-Fault Blog--This Weeks Search Queries.

Top Search queries which brought people to the Florida PIP No-Fault Blog.

Dr. Alan Himmel

June 13, 2013.  

Q:  Can an 18 year old get only PIP insurance?
A:  No.  The minimum coverage in the State of Florida is PIP and PD.  Everyone must have at least personal injury protection and property damage liability coverage.  

Q:  "EMC doctors in Pembroke Pines Florida"
A:  Right now, the way it stands, the EMC diagnosis may not be needed.  There has been a temporary injunction to parts of the no-fault law.  However, many attorneys are still recommending patients see an MD if there is a need for documenting an emergency medical condition.  The problem is that some insurance companies may try to enforce the EMC rule, and without it, the patient is left with only 1/4 the coverage that was paid for.  To be sure, however, if I were you, I would ask an attorney.  

Q:  "Car accident 14 day treatment"
A:  This person probably wasn't sure, but he heard that PIP treatment must commence by 14 days of an accident.  Correct!  You have 14 days to begin care.  If you went to the hospital, this counts.  Also, your family doctor, chiropractor.  This is one part of the no-fault law that was not contested.  It still stands.

Q:  "Florida EMC form for accidents"
A:  The Florida Department of Financial Services or any insurance company as far as I know have NOT created an EMC form.  I have googled it for months now, and not once have I seen a standard form for the EMC.  Remember, also, the EMC requirement is likely ON HOLD for the time being.  You should check with your attorney on this.

Q:  "Car accident Florida Massage therapy pain"
A:  If you are wondering if massage is covered under PIP, yes, the temporary injunction to the new PIP law is allowing massage like it always has.  However, some lawyers still recommend staying away from massage since there will be a few insurance companies that will try to deny medical claims for massage services.

Q:  "Will PIP pay my medical bills after IME" 
A:  IME stands for independent Medical Exam.  Insurance companies will send claimants to a doctor to get a second opinion.  This almost always means that the patient's coverage will be terminated after the exam, because the IME doctor almost always states that the patient can no longer benefit from care.  I have never let this exam limit my patient's access to treatment if the patient and I think it's needed.  The insurance company will usually send out a letter to the patient which states there is no more coverage, and this very often dissuades the patient from continuing even if they truly need the care.  They are afraid of being stuck with a bill they cannot pay.  Come see me at my office.  954-659-8600 Dr. Himmel

If your benefits are terminated by your insurance company, I have been very successful in getting the treatments paid for anyway.  Just call me.  I will see what I can do.

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