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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Survive when your car is off the road and sinking in a canal...

If You Find Yourself in a Car and Sinking Fast, You Need to be Aware of This.

Dr. Alan Himmel

In South Florida, it is not uncommon at all for a driver of a vehicle to wind up driving his car into a canal.  Whether this is due to your error as a driver, or another driver's fault,  its highly probable, since there are canals all over the place down here, that you may find yourself in a situation where you are in your car and your car is sinking fast.  As a matter of fact, often times when a person and his car go missing down here, one of the places that the police look, are the canals.  What they do is try and predict where the person was driving, e.g. to work, to church, shopping, and they look straight down using a helicopter or small airplane, and they look for the big black outline of a car in the water.  You definitely don't want to be "found" in your car at the bottom of a lake or canal.

So, the purpose of this article was to give you the necessary information, that if you were to find yourself   in your car and sinking in the water, you would have a chance of surviving.  You actually only have a minute.

I found a good video that explains this.  Its worth watching.  It could possibly save your life one day.
Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, an expert on submerged vehicles, explains...

And here is another video from ABC news also featuring Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht.

   Unfortunately, you will not be able to practice this survival maneuver.  The first time you try this, is the one time you will be in a car and sinking.  Learn this technique.  It could be a life saver.

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