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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Florida Emergency Medical Condition PIP No-Fault

Florida Emergency Medical Condition PIP No-Fault

Alan Himmel, DC.  
December 29, 2012

The changes to Florida's new PIP No-Fault law did not actually include any requirement that the insurance companies must advise policy holders of the changes.  This means that after Jan 1, 2013, if a Florida consumer gets into a car accident, they are going to expect to have their full $10,000 in coverage, but they will not, unless the injuries are considered a medical emergency.  Because car insurance companies are not required to tell, and the details of this new law are not explained in the language of the insurance policies, this is obviously an unfair tactic, and would expose insurance companies to the possibility of a law suit, which would be rightly justified.  When you buy insurance, its a contract that both the policy holder and insurance company agree and sign.  Nowhere in the current policy does it state that you are only entitled to $2500 for non emergency care.  It states that you are entitled to $10,000.

Imagine having an accident, going to the hospital to get checked, which could be thousands of dollars if any diagnostic test or injections for pain are given, and then you go for follow up care, to be left with unpaid medical bills.  This is exactly what is going to happen under the revised PIP law beginning 01-01-13.

So, in regard to this dilemma, the Florida Cabinet and Insurance Commissioner have adopted and approved an emergency form that will be either included in your new policy or mailed out to you separately advising you of this change.  Here is an article that explains what is going to happen:

By the way, I hate  This is a  "journal" or newsletter if you will, which is totally and completely biased toward insurance companies.  It is not meant for policy holders to read, it is meant for insurance adjusters, agents, representatives, etc.  You can tell this by the sponsors on the page and what they write in their articles...  but I digress.  This is really a topic for another blog post.

The main thing is that you should be made aware of the emergency provision on your auto policy starting Jan 1, 2013.  It looks like you can read it, as long as you take the time to look in the letter sent by your auto carrier.

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