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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Changes to The Florida No-Fault Law: Who will you VOTE for?

The Changes to The Florida No-Fault Law (PIP):  Who will you VOTE for?

Alan Himmel, DC, PA.

I wasn't going to do it.  I told myself that I would not turn this blog into a political tirade or debate.  In fact, if you read through these posts, you will notice that not once have I mentioned my feelings toward a specific political party in the State of Florida.  I mean, I have bashed Governor Scott, because of what he did to the no-fault law.  I think, personally that he is a bad governor.  His stance on education and the school system in Florida is horrible.  He has taken more than a billion dollars of funding from education, to divert to for-profit charter schools.  Oh, now that he has to start thinking of his next term, he is slowly warming up a bit to public education.  It's time to try and look good, and pretend that he cares.

But, I think it's okay that from time to time I talk about politics--a subject that I loath.  Here we go:  I want to point you in the direction of one of my blog posts which lists all the senators that voted for the new no-fault (pip) bill in Florida.

The top group is a list of Senators who fought the changes to the Florida no-fault law, so that your State required benefits remain intact.  The bottom group fought to disrupt and change the law, so that the insurance companies can now deny your claim more easily, and to only give you 25% of the insurance coverage you had before.  It now also eliminates massage and acupuncture from being reimbursable, as well.

Click the link above and open the page.  You will see two groups of politicians.

                                       I encourage you to PRINT THAT PAGE!!

You will need this when you go and vote.  If you are happy with the changes to the no-fault law, then there is a nice list of Senators to vote for.  You can bring the list, and if you see any of these guys who fought for the profits of the Insurance industry on the ballot, just vote for them. You can also find out what district you are in: Here is a site that you can use to figure out what district you are in and who your Florida Senator is: 

If you want to spend a little time looking at the two lists of Senators who voted for or against the No Fault law, you will quickly see that the politicians who voted to move greater profits into the hands of the Billion Dollar Insurance companies were...............  drum roll.............:

Republicans!  There was only one Democrat who voted for the changes out of the 21 Senators who voted for the horrible changes.  That's right.  20 out of 21 Senators are republicans.  If you are a republican, in the health care field, and voted for these guys on this list, you voted to put yourself out of business or at least to reduce your income by 75%.  You also voted to make sure that the big insurance companies like State Farm and Geico, are now guaranteed to make more profit (they always report record profits year after year).  And you also voted to take valuable needed coverage away from Florida drivers.

So, I'm just sayin'...   next time its time to vote, get out there and do what you feel is best, either for yourself, your family, and your patients.  Or, the other option is you can vote to put more profit in the bank accounts of the insurance companies.  If you work for or have a financial interest in,  or have a relationship with an insurance company, I guess the decision is easy.  Good luck. 

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