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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

RxPortyl ePrescriptions for Radiology

Florida PIP No Fault and Advanced Radiological Imaging.

Advanced diagnostic imaging, such as MRI, is important for patients who have been involved in motor vehicle traumas.  In fact, depending on the state you practice, ordering an MRI to visualize structures such as herniated discs and foraminal encroachment is necessary for the proper diagnosis of this type of trauma.  Moreover, it is necessary for the doctor to diagnose these injuries which can only be verified via MRI, in order to determine if the patient’s disc injury will factor into a permanent impairment.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to send MRI and other radiology prescriptions via your desktop or mobile device?  There are EMR systems in place which currently handle this, but these systems are very expensive, especially to the imaging centers.  In my research, I have seen these systems cost as much as $10,000 to imaging centers to set up.  Did you know that the largest free EMR system available now, Practice Fusion, only has 50 MRI centers across the whole country using their system?  This is out of thousands of ACR accredited imaging facilities.   There are doctors who want to use the program, but the imaging centers are not quite ready to pay that type of money.

RxPortyl is a Radiology ePrescription platform designed by doctors, for doctors and imaging centers, to make life easier and more efficient.  We invite all doctors to use RxPortyl.  There are no charges at all, including no setup charges.  There are no contracts and no commitments.  There are no strings at all.  Its a free service for you to use which will enhance your practice.    You can use it occasionally, or for every patient.   There are no limits and no minimums.

Getting started is as easy as a phone call.