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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Allstar Public Adjusting--FREE CLAIM REVIEW


Do you have some damage or an issue at your property and you don't know if you have an insurance claim or how to move forward?

Do you think you have a claim, but you are not sure? Do you have MOLD in your house? We offer a Free Claim Review. You still may have time so don't delay. The statute of limitations is running out to either open or reopen a past home insurance claim.

We are Florida Allstar Public Adjusting. Our reputation speaks for itself. We specialize in successful claim handling and settlements. Our team handles new or reopened claims, since 2006.

Since that time we have been committed to handling property claims big and small. Don't worry...we only get paid upon settlement of your claim, and our fees are based on the value of the settlement. Our motivation is to help you collect the most money possible on your claim. Our settlements are unmatched and our customer service is excellent. Our clients speak with me directly, and not a secretary.

One thing that we can tell you for sure, is that success in this business comes from experience. Not only is it extremely important to know your craft and how to estimate damages properly, but it is also critical to know how to deal with inside adjusters and have knowledge and experience in the process at the level of the insurance carrier. Many factors are analyzed and we have team meetings before we bring a claim to an insurance company. The purpose is to carefully create a winning strategy.

Don't be naive. A successful claim strategy is like playing advanced chess. They are planning three steps ahead for each move that is made. There will be a winner and a loser. Don't play without a strategy.

We have worked three hurricanes (Wilma, Irma, and Michael) and we have settled almost 700 catastrophe and daily claims over the last 13 years. My name is Alan and I am the owner and operator of Florida Allstar Public Adjusting, Inc.

Alan Himmel, PCA
Lic. PO94378

Call Now. We offer a no-obligation claim review and home inspection. The clock is ticking.